Learn about the stages on how you will get the result

I work in stages to promote agility, communication and collaboration. It’s a step-by-step guide on how we’ll work, how I can help you, so the best results is achieved.


Brainstorm & Briefing

This is where I understand the project at hand and the brief in more detail. I believe it’s fundamental to get to know you and your idea, so the process can run smoothly.


Planning & Preparing

We will stay organized by using a web-based service Trello. It will show you what is already completed, what needs to be done, and what I'm currently working on. You can add notes on whatever you want.



This is the stage where I will deliver the build and construction of your website. I will regularly test and use my experience of agile methodologies to make sure your project is properly coded, feels and performs at maximum capacity.


Results & Retention

This is the time where I will be looking if there’s anything I can make even better. Make sure that everything is performing at maximum capacity and getting the intended results you require.

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