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About Aurelian

Helping you build a site that works the first time

I specifically specialise in Front-end and WordPress. I can convert a design into a website, be it a static site or to WordPress.

My name is Aurelian Spodarec. You’ve probably had an experience working with people claiming they have 5 or 10 years of experience, and they are the best. While some might be good — as everyone claims to be — many times it turns out to be a different story!


Let me tell you something. I don’t have 10 years of experience. What I do have is a process. It’s a step-by-step guide that will help us get the result you want.


To keep the right perspective, I like to keep things organized and clean. Using a web-based service like Trello, you will know what I’m working on, and we will stay organized.


This websites is pixel-perfect and future-proof. I don’t merely make the websites beautiful on the outside, it’s also beautiful under the hood; the code will be clean, modular and ready to hand off to any developer, or use in production. In addition, I reinforce this with methodologies that promote organization and keep the code high-quality. I utilize BEM, OOCSS and all that jargon you don’t want to hear. That translates to saving you money in the long term.


Choose me for your next Front-end project, whether that’s taking a PSD or Sketch to HTML, or to WordPress.


I can work on other WordPress projects as well. I can also do components or extensions of your existing WordPress site.


You can learn more about me from my blog, on what is it that I do, LoveToCode, where I write about technology and other interesting things. I like to contribute to the community and share my knowledge with others. Stay tuned to see my work on YouTube.


If you’re interested in my services, let’s get started! Visit my process or services page and fill out my form below to get in touch.

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How I work, the process How will the work be done? I will show you a step by step guide, that will explain you how we’ll work from the start to the end. View the process
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